Release your Music with Assure – A respected house in digital and physical content distribution
Assure provides a unique combination of MVAS and audio release where the producers can leverage benefits of combining the two modes of distribution. Assure has the necessary authorization to release the music in 2015 and has released over 75 albums in the first six months of its operations.

Assure provides assistance to the aspiring artists. You can now release your music with inhouse label of Assure Digital. The distribution is through both Physical CD and Digital distribution. The music is distributed in over 50 key digital stores including, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, iPluggers, and SoundCloud Connect. The Caller tunes are also generated for all key Telcos for every audio released by Assure. Even new artists can now release their music with ease and convenience with the Assure music label.

Get in touch with Team Assure for more information as Assure can give wings to your dreams.